How To Make Your Linkedin Profile Attractive To Get Recruiter Attention?

Linkedin has made easier to reach out to your business connections directly. It is one of the most influential social media networks with more than 500 millions subscribers. Thus, this platform is only to connect to the business associates but can also help to boost business.

When you are happy with your job profile and not looking for a job change. It becomes easy for you to ignore LinkedIn. But if you need to change your job or you are fresher looking for a job LinkedIn is the best option for you among various social media sites.

With so many recruiters on LinkedIn, it has become easy for you to get a job. A Linkedin account has proven to be the best fit for personal, professional and organizational success.

Not only for the job seekers but also for the recruiters, LinkedIn has transformed the way of getting a job as well true fit for the organization. All you need is to create a suitable profile like a resume. There may be a chance that recruiter from your dream company is checking your profile for a job role.

To make this happen, focus on your LinkedIn profile. Showcase real you so that it will shine and get noticed by recruiters. Here are a few tricks that I have gathered through real-time experience that will help you to find a job.

Complete your LinkedIn profile:

The first thing that is important is to be on the LinkedIn search. You should complete your profile, do not skip any step. Your profile should be one that gains the interest of recruiter.  LinkedIn gives you suggestions to complete steps.

Give a proper headline just under your name. Summarize your profile what and how to work professionally etc. Your headline should specify what makes you better rather than others.

Write true facts about you in the summary that you master. For example:

“I am a marketing expert having 8 years of experience. I am into developing core strategies for business growth.”

Your summary should make recruiter understand clearly about your goals. Ideally, your summary should be of 3-4 lines. It should tell your unique qualification like a career horizon.

Your LinkedIn profile is like your resume. It is the way to highlight your accomplishments. So while making the one try not to include buzzwords like analytical, creative, innovative etc.

Your profile tells a lot about you, your skills, how you see yourself professionally, your previous work experience, recommendations etc.

Make sure to include all the skills you want your recruiter to know. Get them endorsed by your friends, colleagues etc.

You should further include all the accomplishments of your previous work. So that there is no need for a resume. Your LinkedIn profile will work as a resume for you. Make sure to get personal when you are creating your profile. It should seem like you are interacting with someone. Help recruiters to know you better.

Get a custom URL for your profile:

If you think you need to spend money to buy the one don’t worry all you want to do is go to the tab where you see your basic information. You will find be an option called public profile URL to edit it according to your requirement.

Opt for a professional picture:

Smile for the camera

Your profile picture is an important aspect that your LinkedIn account must have. Choose a professional picture of yours that shows your passion, energy, charm that you can portray with your face. Your profile picture has a lot to tell about you. Show your recruiters that you are friendly and enthusiasts.

Add your Blog:

If you are a blogger or you have your own blog. You must add it in your LinkedIn profile. For that, you need to add plugins such as WordPress Linkedin auto publish or Social media auto-publish.

The first thing you can do is go to your blog is to download Select your profile and click on the connect to a LinkedIn button. Under the profile tab, you need to select which profile you need to share. Make sure you click on the profile to enable it.

You will get a sharing option tab. It includes various options like want to share a full post or link or article title etc so that you can engage people on your platform.

Have at least 100 connections:

Your size of the network is very important as you get to know various job requirements. And you know what less than 100 connections on LinkedIn tell the recruiter that you are not people person and social media is scary for you. I am not saying have hundreds of connections but have at least 100-150 good connections.

Keep your job search private:

Many of you are not aware of the fact that LinkedIn does have private account settings. This option will work for you when you are looking for a new job change. You can put privacy on your setting so that your boss will not able to see that you’re looking for new job opportunities.

If you want to add privacy on your account. You need to sign in. Then you can select a setting tab to find various options which you can choose according to your requirement.

Add information to make recruiter contact you easily:

Make sure you add your email address or other sites in which you are active. It gives a change for your recruiter to directly connect you.

Add multimedia to your profile:

The picture is what that works faster than your words when it comes to showcasing your talent. Linkedin allows you to add photos, videos to your profile summary. This is the best way to flash out your profile and let the world know your accomplishments.

If you want to add, you need to click on edit profile, then click on a box, and then ‘add file’.

Message recruiter on the LinkedIn:

After seeing a job post, you only mentioned on the comment that you are the one looking for a job. Comment is not enough as there are hundreds of people who have commented on the same post.

You should personally message to a recruiter. This will showcase your motivation to the current job role that they are offering.

And surely will recommend your LinkedIn profile.

Wrapping up:

Linkedin is a great tool for recruiters to find the right candidates. Thus it is also a great tool for job seekers to find their required job.  Follow the steps to improve your profile and be on the search of recruiters. Make your profile compelling one. You never know what opportunity might knock your door.

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